Inspiration in the new year

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Being inspired is awesomeSo I’ve been a bit slack lately. Almost three months without a blog post.

I mean, it’s not a huge deal… no one is beating down my door demanding more content. My list of corporate sponsors to keep happy is on the small side.

But I’ve noticed, and felt some shame.

I like to write; to express myself in some small way. It’s enriching.

It’s not easy, though… to have something I feel is worth writing about, and then to sit down and do it, and end up with a finished product I want to share.

And the longer I wait, the harder it gets. Until finally I’ve waited so long that I feel I could never possibly write something good enough to justify the long break.

Fortunately, I had some inspiration this evening. I was out for an awesome dinner date with my wife, and Mark Wilkinson sat down at the table beside us. Mark is an opera singer, a yoga teacher, an inspirational speaker, and an anti-bullying activist. He’s one of those people who inject a lot of good into the world. More importantly, he just strikes me as a really solid guy.

I’ve only met Mark one other time. It was on the train, on the way to Toronto. He sat down beside me and we talked for a good two hours. Not that surface-level stuff that I can’t stand, that never moves beyond weather, pop culture, and sports. We talked about real things: my family, his childhood, why he’s an anti-bullying speaker, how we each fared as high school band geeks.

It’s rare for me to meet someone I can connect with so quickly, and it made an impression on me. I went away thinking, “that’s someone I was supposed to meet.”

That was six months ago. I added him to Facebook soon after, and we exchanged a couple brief messages, but otherwise I hadn’t seen him since.

So imagine how purposeful it felt to see him sit down beside us last night. Amazing. And what’s the first thing he said to me?

“How’s the blog going?”


A guy I only met once, who made this great impression on me, gets plopped down at a table beside me (the restaurant is massive, by the way), and the first thing he asks me about is something that’s been bothering me.

I don’t know… I’m not particularly superstitious, but I do think that sometimes life speaks to you. I knew then that I’d be doing fate a disservice if I went to bed that night without getting back on the blog wagon.

My wife reminded me afterwards of that famous quote: “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

I suppose Mark was sent to give me inspiration. So I’m running with it… This year I won’t wait for inspiration to find me. I’ll find it myself, in daily life, in my family, in my conversations. I’ll write to write, and not worry if the topic is good enough. Corporate sponsorship can wait.

Happy new year, everyone. May you all be inspired in 2017.

  • Kirsten
    January 17, 2017

    Joe- I love that you’re doing this! I only just found out but look forward to further musings.

    • joeguy1014
      January 17, 2017

      So glad to have you reading, Kirsten! Hope you guys are well.

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