As a dad with questionable work ethic and a lack of focus, I have a talent for collecting passing interests.

These are some of my favourites.


NamePros – The biggest and best domaining forum out there. Loaded with useful information and people who have been in the business for years. They even published one of my blogs.

Domain Sherpa – Michael Cyger guides you through all aspects of the domaining business, one Sherpa interview at a time. He’s even put together his own intensive course. I haven’t tried it personally, but have heard wonderful feedback.

DN Journal – The go-to place for industry news, with historical weekly sales listings that go back to 2003. This site is a mandatory daily read for those starting out. – Really fantastic online tool for searching through all types of domains. Deleted, pending delete, expired, auction… You name it. And they provide a crazy detailed filtering tool to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Fantasy Hockey

Dobber Hockey – Probably the best, most in-depth fantasy hockey resource on the internet. Player rankings, projections, prospects, articles, line combos, injury updates, trade analysis… They have it all; even a fantastic forum with tons of great discussion and people who are eager to give and receive advice.

Fantrax – I know a lot of people use Yahoo, but if you’re contemplating running anything but the most straight-forward pools, you need to check out Fantrax. The flexibility of this platform is amazing. There’s a learning curve when you start using it, but once you get comfortable you’re unlikely to come up with a single rule they can’t handle.

Daily Faceoff – Pretty nice resource for checking on recent line combinations, starting goalie confirmations, and weekly scheduling. Very useful content, although I do find the site a bit slow to load at times.

Shameless Plugs

People in my life do some pretty amazing things. Here are some of them:

Just Junk Ottawa – Michel Charette runs the Ottawa franchise of Just Junk, and they do a heck of a job. Other guys just come and take stuff away. Just Junk takes everything. They break up patios, rip apart hot tubs… They’ll demolish your entire house for you if you want! They recycle as much as possible, and as an added bonus, they’re nice people.

Michelle Schafer Coaching – Michelle’s passion for her work and dedication to her business is perhaps only matched by her passion for life and desire to connect with others. Twenty-five years in the private sector, public sector, and with not-for-profits have set her up to be an amazing career coach who can empathize with just about any challenge.

The Kitchissippi Times – Dave Allston writes the most detailed, well-researched blog I’ve ever seen. It’s about the history of Ottawa’s historic Kitchissippi neighbourhoods, and comes complete with old photographs, maps, drawings, and plenty of interesting facts and stories. How he finds the time for it with a family, full-time job, and multiple other interests? I’m guessing a time machine is involved.

Mark Wilkinson – Inspirational speaker, opera singer, yoga instructor, anti-bullying activist. Mark is one of those inspiring people you always hear about, who took the lessons from life’s hurdles and used them to better himself and enrich the lives of people around him.